3 Doggerland:
Landscapes TransformED, ETCHED IN LAND AND SEA

In the southern North Sea’s watery sheen,
A tale of ancient lands, a realm unseen,
Doggerland once stood, a bridge of yore,
Connecting shores, where history did explore.

From Britain and Ireland’s coast to the far east,
A fertile realm, a verdant feast,
With plains and marshes, forests tall,
A tapestry of life, a Mesolithic call.

Beneath the skies, a diverse host,
Deer and boar, in the wild they’d boast,
Aurochs, birds, and the sea’s embrace,
In this vibrant realm, they found their place.

Hunter-gatherers, their life’s pursuit,
In this land of plenty, their daily route,
Hunting, fishing, gathering’s art,
Sustained by nature, each beating heart.

As Earth’s embrace warmed, ice did flee,
The waters rose, reclaiming what was free,
Doggerland, in a slow, relentless dive,
Beneath the waves, it would soon arrive.

Through trawlers’ nets and seabed’s call,
The ancient secrets began to enthrall,
Tools and bones, footprints preserved,
A Mesolithic tale, from the depths it’s served.

Archaeologists and scientists, with purpose and might,
Delved into the past, shedding Earth’s ancient light,
Sonar’s echo, sediment’s core,
Revealing Dogger Bank, its lore to explore.

A canvas submerged, a masterpiece hidden,
In history’s chalice, it lay forbidden,
A testament to migrations of yore,
The ever-changing Earth, forevermore.

In Doggerland’s depths, a story unveiled,
Of landscapes transformed, of lives curtailed,
A master’s poem, etched in land and sea,
A reminder of the past, where once life was free.