In County Mayo’s embrace, a tale unfurls,
Ceide Fields, where ancient history swirls,
Neolithic settlers, pioneers in their stride,
Cultivating the land where dreams reside.

Five millennia past, a community’s start,
Forests cleared, a journey from the heart,
Stone walls emerged, intricate patterns trace,
A tapestry woven in time and space.

Patrick Caulfield, a teacher’s keen eye,
Noticed patterns beneath the open sky,
A mystery unveiled, a history to explore,
Ceide Fields’ secrets, waiting to soar.

With archaeologist Seamus, the story grew,
Stone Age legacy, unveiled a new,
Fields and enclosures, a complex scheme,
A society’s vision, a Neolithic dream.

Over 1,500 hectares, the land extends,
A treasure trove where history blends,
Stone walls, a testament to skill and grace,
A society’s mark on nature’s embrace.

Houses, tombs, and artifacts arise,
Echoes of ancient voices, under open skies,
Preserved pollen whispers of days of yore,
Ceide Fields’ tales, forevermore.

A beacon of learning, a tourist’s delight,
Ceide Fields’ legacy shines bright,
Pathways wind, a journey to the past,
Guided by history’s gentle cast.

A visitor’s center, a treasure trove,
Unveils the story that ancient hands wove,
Educational exhibits, tales to tell,
A symphony of history, in every spell.

Ceide Fields, a land of intrigue and lore,
A treasure trove from the days of yore,
In County Mayo’s embrace, it stands tall,
A Neolithic masterpiece for one and all.