In County Limerick’s embrace of green,
Lies Lough Gur, a sight unseen,
A mirror of time, reflecting the past,
A treasure trove of stories amassed.

Six millennia ago, a journey began,
Neolithic hearts and a fertile plan,
Stone circles arose in rhythmic array,
Grange’s stones marking dawn’s first ray.

Bronze Age whispers, cairns in the earth,
Tales of life and death, of birth and rebirth,
Ring forts and mounds, secrets they hold,
In the landscape’s tapestry, their stories unfold.

Iron Age echoes, legends entwined,
Myths of warriors and kings enshrined,
Lough Gur’s waters a canvas for lore,
Of gods and heroes, an ancient store.

Christianity’s footprints, monastic grace,
St. Brigid’s well, a sacred place,
A 7th-century church, humble and true,
In Lough Gur’s embrace, faith anew.

Through time’s gentle caress, the lake remains,
A haven of history, where memory gains,
In the 19th century’s curious sight,
Excavations revealed a hidden light.

Today, Lough Gur stands as a guide,

A beacon of history, bygone and wide,
A treasure trove for seekers, a haven to roam,
A tapestry woven of heart and home.

With tales of old and legends bold,
Lough Gur’s story forever told,
A mirror of time, where past and present meet,
In the heart of Ireland, its heartbeat complete.