(4000 BCE - 2500 BCE)

In ancient Ireland’s realm of old,
A tale of change and stories told,
The Neolithic era’s grace,
A shift in time, a new embrace.

From Mesolithic’s nomadic stride,
To settled life where farms abide,
Agriculture’s dawn did rise,
A transformation ‘neath the skies.

Domestic plants and beasts arrived,
Wheat, barley, oats, they thrived,
Cattle, sheep, and pigs in tow,
A steady food supply to sow.

Megalithic tombs with stones arrayed,
Newgrange and Knowth’s passage laid,
Intricate carvings, beliefs entwined,
In burial’s halls, the sacred bind.

Stone circles too, on open land,
Drombeg’s ring, a mystic band,
Astronomy’s dance, rites untold,
In circles of stones, secrets unfold.

From polished axes to flint’s keen edge,
Tools of Neolithic hands, they pledge,
Clearing land and hunting true,
Their skills and crafts they gently hew.

With settlements came social tier,
A structured weave of leaders near,
Cooperation’s symphony played,
In farming’s rhythm, order swayed.

Trade’s pathways stretched, horizon’s glow,
Goods exchanged, ideas did flow,
Stone and pottery, whispers from afar,
Binding lands beneath the star.

As years marched on, a shift took hold,
Bronze Age’s dawn, a story bold,
Metal’s fire forged tools anew,
The Neolithic tale bids adieu.

So, mark this era, Neolithic’s flight,
A passage through time, from dark to light,

In Ireland’s heart, a chapter’s verse,
A song of change, in history’s hearse.